Not Sure What Kind of Hydroponics System You Need?

Not Sure What Kind of Hydroponics System You Need?

Visit our garden center in Augusta, Maine for advice

There are several types of hydroponic systems available for commercial and everyday gardeners. Hydroponics is the process of growing plants in a soilless, aquatic environment. Hydroponics is an easy method for people that don't have a convenient place to recycle soil.

If you’re looking to incorporate a hydroponic system at your Augusta or Lewiston, ME location, come to Grass Root Grower LLC. We have a wide range of equipment and accessories on hand at our garden center. Whether you’re just now looking into hydroponics or you’ve become a hydroponic pro, you’ll have a magnificent selection of items to choose from.

You’ll have the freedom to plant whenever and whatever you’d like

With hydroponics, you are no longer limited by climate or seasonal worries. You can grow nearly any plant at any time of the year. With the right hydroponic system and the right indoor lighting, you can garden year-round without worrying about soil. To learn more about our systems and products, visit our garden center today.